Video Consultations

Is video training right for me and my dog?

Video training is a great option for anyone who would like to work one-on-one with a trainer via video call. This is a great option for people who are outside of our in-home service area, have specific questions about a particular behavior or situation, or who are looking to get a taste of what training with K9 Turbo is all about.

How long are sessions?

The initial consultations can be either one or two hours long. Both the one-hour and two-hour sessions are beneficial. If you have specific questions about a particular behavior or situation, a one-hour session is likely sufficient. If you would like hands-on training time, a two-hour session will give you more time to work. Additional sessions are one hour each.

How are sessions structured?

The consultation is your most intensive and comprehensive session, including time for history taking, evaluation, and your behavior plan. Two-hour consultations may also include time for hands-on training. Your trainer will determine which exercises are a priority and can be accomplished in your time frame. Training Appointments include a recap with your trainer to track progress, and may also include time for new questions and/or hands-on training.

What if I have more than one dog?

Appointments are charged per household, not by number of dogs. We can use your time however you would like during our session with you! We are more than happy to work with one or all of your dogs on the goals in a way that makes the most sense for your family and household.

How much does video training cost?

Initial consults are $59 for a one-hour session or $89 for a two-hour session. Additional sessions are $49 for a one-hour session.