Video call training gives you all the benefits of working with one of our trainers —

through a convenient video platform!

This is a great option for people who are outside of our in-home service area, who are looking for a low-cost training option, or who would like a taste of what training with K9 Turbo is all about before scheduling a private or in-home appointment. We typically have same-week availability for video consultations.


During a video call consultation, your trainer will take an extensive history of your dog, help you define your training goals, and develop a customized training plan for your dog. Dogs do not need to be present for your consultation, but there is often time in a 90-minute consult for hands-on training during your call. A one-hour consultation is $69 and a 90-minute consultation is $89.


Ongoing video call appointments are $59 for a one-hour session. Video call appointments are also a great option for check-ins with your trainer between in-home sessions for clients within our service area.




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