A program for every dog - and human!

Whether you are a first time puppy parent looking to set your new bff up for success or an experienced dog lover looking for help with a challenging canine friend, we're here to help!

GROUP CLASSESHelp your dog become a well-rounded, social pup. Our group class trajectories are designed to help dogs of all ages master basic manners, self control, and out-and-about manners.

PRIVATE IN-PERSON TRAINING | Work one-on-one with a trainer at one of our facilities in Ferndale, Detroit, Plymouth, or Milan. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, in-home training is currently suspended.

VIRTUAL OPTIONS | Meet with a trainer one-on-one or join a group class, all from the comfort of your home! We won't judge you if you're wearing your PJs.

REACTIVITY | If your dog barks, growls, lunges, or presents other reactive behaviors at the sight of other dogs or people, this program is for you. Begin with our in-depth online course, then join us for a series of in-person classes.

SEPARATION ANXIETY | Does your dog bark, destroy things, have accidents, or present other sign of stress or panic while you're away? This online program will help you help your dog feel more comfortable when left alone.

Proudly serving Southeast Michigan