A program for every dog - and human!

Whether you are a first time puppy parent looking to set your new bff up for success or an experienced dog lover looking for help with a challenging canine friend, we're here to help!

GROUP CLASSESHelp your dog become a well-rounded, social pup. Our group class trajectories are designed to help dogs of all ages master basic manners, self control, and out-and-about manners.

PRIVATE IN-PERSON TRAINING | Work one-on-one with a trainer at our facility in Ferndale.

VIRTUAL OPTIONS | Meet with a trainer one-on-one or join a group class, all from the comfort of your home! We won't judge you if you're wearing your PJs.

REACTIVITY | If your dog barks, growls, lunges, or presents other reactive behaviors at the sight of other dogs or people, this program is for you. Begin with our in-depth online course, then join us for a series of in-person classes.