Group classes are a fantastic way to learn new behaviors, prevent and troubleshoot unwanted behaviors, and introduce your dog to appropriate, positive socialization. Each group class series runs for six weeks; sign up for a single series, or check out our group class packages for discounts on multiple series. Classes are limited to four participants.

START HERE: Teenage Manners

This class is designed to help you and your dog through the difficult time of canine adolescence. Cover basic cues, house manners, and troubleshooting common adolescent behavior problems. 

THEN: Self Control

This fun-filled class helps you build your dog's self-control around exciting situations and the things they cannot have. Improve your dog's level of engagement with you when there are other distractions present and help them learn to be calm in exciting situations. **Teenage Manners is a pre-requisite to this class**

FINALLY: Out-and-About Manners or Canine Good Citizen Prep

Perfect your real-world skills! Prepare to explore the world together by strengthening polite behaviors in public with Out-and-About manners (offered seasonally), or prepare for Canine Good Citizen certification with CGC Prep.  **Self Control is a pre-requisite to both Out-and-About Manners and CGC Prep**

ELECTIVES: Game On! and Confident Canine

These classes can be taken at any time and do not have any pre-requisites. Engage your puppy's brain with recess-style games and activities like scent detection in Game On!, or build your puppy's confidence in Confident Canine. Both classes are an excellent way to strengthen your relationship, build communication, and build trust with your dog.