Does your dog bark, lunge, growl, stiffen, or air snap at other dogs or people while on leash or behind a barrier? You're in good company.

Reactivity is one of the #1 reasons that people reach out for help. 


Reactivity can happen for a variety of reasons (and usually a combination of multiple reasons): fear, frustration, past experiences, current environment, pain, and even genetic predisposition. It often develops in adolescence (about 6-18 months) or at maturity (2-3 years), and can develop even if you do "everything right" with your puppy. The good news is that, through training and management, we can decrease reactivity and improve the dog's quality of life.

Our reactivity program is specifically designed to address the underlying cause of reactivity, not just the symptoms. Unlike methods that suppress behavior without addressing the root of the problem, positive reinforcement methods help your dog feel safe, comfortable, and confident, reducing or eliminating the reactive behaviors.


Our online reactive class is a four-week series that delves into what reactivity is, why we see it, and why we use positive reinforcement to modify the behavior. A better understanding of reactivity accelerates progress both in class and at home. Each session includes both lecture and hands-on training time with your dog with trainer supervision. This class is a pre-requisite to our in-person classes. Trained with us in the past? You may be eligible to skip straight to in-person sessions - contact us for more information.


This package includes Online Reactive and our Level 1 In-person Reactive. During the six-week in-person course, you will work hands-on with your dog in a controlled environment to increase his level of comfort around other dogs and people. Our goal is to help each individual dog make progress that is significant to him. With two trainers and a maximum of four dogs per class, everyone receives individual attention in each session.


This package includes Online Reactive, Level 1 In-person Reactive, and Level 2 In-person Reactive. After your level 1 course, your trainer will recommend either Fear Reactive or Frustration Reactive for your Level 2 course. By dividing dogs into separate classes, we are able to work towards specific goals, such as increased comfort around other dogs, trust in their human, and building healthy relationships.


Not ready to sign up for a class? That's okay! Check out our free resources on reactivity and aggression below for a starting point in training and management. ​Need extra help with training? Our four-week Reactivity Board and Train is an intensive program that specifically addresses modifying reactive behavior.