Group Classes

Are group classes right for me and my dog?

Group classes are a great way to work on a broad range of skills. Classes are best suited for dogs who are comfortable working around other dogs and people and have no history of aggression towards dogs or people (with the exception of our Explore More, Bark Less series).

What kind of classes do you offer?

We offer a broad range of classes for dogs of all ages. Classes are designed to meet a variety of training goals from manners to tricks. We currently offer the following classes:

  • Manners (Puppy, Teenage, and Adult): an overview of basic cues, skills, and manners appropriate for each age group.
  • Game On!: a variety of games, tricks, and activities to build confidence and curiosity.
  • Leave It!: covers several impulse-control skills, such as loose leash walking.
  • Play Class: helps dogs develop skills for forming healthy dog-on-dog relationships
  • Explore More, Bark Less (Foundations, Advanced, and Drop-In): designed for dogs who are reactive to other animals or people when on leash.

How long are sessions? How many sessions are in a class?

Group class sessions are one hour long. Almost all group classes run for six, one-hour classes. While these classes are mostly consecutive, certain dates may be skipped for holidays. Class dates will always be clearly stated before class begins.

How are group classes structured?

In group class sessions, your trainer will introduce multiple behaviors for you to train hands-on with your dog, briefly discuss educational topics, and offer opportunities for questions. The majority of your time is spent actively working with your dog.

Will I be able to get 1:1 attention from my trainer?

We are proud to be able to offer small group class sizes (maximum of 6 dogs) so that each training team receives the most individual attention possible. You will have access to your trainer via email for questions outside of class and access to our client community Facebook group. Your trainer may also recommend private sessions for some issues based on complexity and severity, comfort, and/or preferences of you and your dog.

What if I have more than one dog?

To set you and your dog up for success, we do limit one dog per handler. If another member of your family would like to act as handler for an additional dog, please register for a second spot.

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered?

We do not require that dogs be altered in order to train with us. We do, however, require that all class participants are up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations, including rabies and distemper.

How much do group classes cost?

Prices vary depending on the class. Puppy Manners is $199; Explore More, Bark Less, Foundations is $295; Explore More, Bark Less, Advanced is $249; all other classes are $179.

Where are group classes offered?

We currently hold classes in the following locations:

  • Detroit (Canine to Five Detroit)
  • Ferndale (Canine to Five Ferndale)
  • Ann Arbor (City Pets Veterinary Clinic)
View our current class schedule at here.

What if I miss a class?

No problem! You will still receive your weekly class email, and your trainer will get you caught up on what you missed the following week.