That's right, K9 Turbo Training and Canine to Five have partnered to offer day-training sessions to any dog attending daycare or boarding at the Canine to Five Ferndale location! 

Sessions happen at the K9 Turbo Training facility less than one mile away from CTF Ferndale.

We handle safely transporting to and from the facility 

and work directly with you and Canine to Five to make sure your dog has only the best care and training available! 

This exciting new program allows you to drop your dog off at daycare and pick up a happy, better behaved buddy without having to lift a finger. In this program, we work closely with the handlers at Canine to Five to ensure everyone has the knowledge and tools they need to reinforce learned behaviors both at home and at daycare! 

How it works!

  • Sign up!

  • Drop your dog off for daycare or boarding at Canine to Five Ferndale

  • Quick call with your trainer to discuss goals 

  • Trainer picks your dog up for a quick road trip to the K9TT facility (only .8 miles away!) 

  • Your dog has a private training session, using positive reinforcement, with their trainer!

  • They’ll take a safe and short road trip back to CTF 

  • Your dog enjoys the rest of their day at daycare

  • You'll get a report card and videos of training, via email, the same day

  • Your trained and happy dog will be ready for pick up at your regularly scheduled pick up time! 

Who is eligible? 

  • Any dog who has a daycare, private play, or boarding reservation at Canine to Five Ferndale may sign up for a day-training appointment on the day that they are scheduled to attend CTF Ferndale (not available for dogs attending CTF Detroit just yet).

  • Cost: $399 / package of 5 training sessions (this does not include the price of your boarding or daycare reservation).

What will my dog work on?

Anything! During the first 15 minutes of your first session, your trainer will call you to discuss your training goals and make a custom training plan that is built to meet those goals in an efficient, fun way! Some things people commonly choose to work on are: 

  • Foundations and manners, such as sit, down or stay

  • Politely waiting for food or other resources

  • Jumping or mouthing

  • Calming down once excited

  • Puppy confidence 

  • Building self control

  • Coming when called

  • Politely greeting people

  • Improving leash manners

  • Drop it

  • Go to mat

  • Comfort with handling or veterinary procedures

  • Confidence building through trick training

  • Fun dog sports day (agility and games)!

  • Fitness and physical conditioning

Fun facts and benefits 

  • As always, we will never use tools or methods that may be painful or frightening for dogs, such as leash or verbal corrections, choke chains, prong collars, or shock collars. You can trust that we will only use positive, effective, force-free methods and ensure your dog always has a blast while they're learning.

  • We'll work hand-in-hand with the staff at CTF, so they can continue to reinforce learned behaviors at daycare, and your dog can be their best selves at home, daycare, and in training.

  • You'll have access to your dogs' trainer to discuss progress and training at any time! 

  • We'll send you videos of each session, and the trainer will explain how to apply these principles at home, so you can continue to maintain better behaviors. 

Pick-up & safety

  • Only your trainer will pick up and drop off your dog (with extremely rare exceptions when K9TT management may assist for transport).  

  • The dog will be comfortably and securely fit to a martingale collar, which will have K9TT identification tags. A hand-held leash will be clipped onto the martingale collar and held by the dogs trainer at all times.

  • A second leash! A a slip lead (second leash) will be put on the dogs neck and clipped securely to the employees waist so the dog is directly connected to the trainer at all times. Yeah, we know, excessive-- but your dog will be wearing a primary and secondary leash just for extra safety!

  • We'll carefully place the dog into in a crate in the car of their trainer who will drive them directly to K9TT at 160 Vester St. in Ferndale, which is a total of .8 miles from CTF Ferndale.

  • The dog will remain with their trainer during the entire duration of their session from pick up to drop off.

  • Unless they are actively in the training room, dogs will remain on all safety gear until they are brought back to CTF and enter the catch pen that leads to their play room. 

Sign up!


  • Choose a trainer or view all available time slots cay clicking “With” > “Any Available”

  • Be sure to only select a date that your dog will be attending Canine to Five

  • Book a slot that is at least 30 minutes after your dog is scheduled to be dropped off and 2 hours before your dog is scheduled to be picked up

  • Fill out your intake form to outline your goals for your dog

  • Plan to be available for a phone call for the first 15 minutes of your dog’s first training appointment so you can discuss your dog's history, training goals, and go over any questions you may have 

  • Let your dog know they'll be having a blast in training soon!